Mig welding machine

What is MIG welding machine?

The MIG welding machine is an electronic welding machine that uses metal arc welding in a protective gas environment. The main electrode is a molten welded wire that is automatically supplied to the weld, the medium is argon or helium inert gas. Use the wiring harness.


Added welded wire feeder kit, which together with the molten metal cools the welded wire


use of the arc is established between the molten electric wire and automatically supplied to the welded parts. This arc will be protected by inert gas or reducing gas. The fire of the arc is maintained by adjusting the electrical properties of the arc. The arc length and welding current strength are maintained automatically while the welding speed and electrode angle are maintained by the welders.


This type of welding machine is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture, bicycle frames, motorcycles, mechanical goods …
In addition, the MIG welding machine is capable of automation for application in welding, robot assembly, automatic welding equipment.


– Fast welding speed, continuous, saving welding materials.
– The quality of this type of welding is higher than the ordinary welding machine: flat, glossy, no welds, especially consumes very little power.
– Sold to most metals.
– Easy automation.
– Long welds can be made without interruption.
– Low welding skill requirements.
MIG 200 welding machine

What gas welding machine?

The gases, gas mixtures used in MIG welding are:
+ CO2 gas
+ 80% argon gas / 20% CO 2 gas
+ Gas mixture 93% Argon + 5% CO2 + 2% O2
+ Pure argon
The gas will be used on the same set of welding machines for 1.5mm steel, the gas tank uses the same setting for the gas regulator.
Pure argon gas is more commonly used in aluminum welding than in steel welding. The resulting arc is usually slightly lighter and more dispersive than the CO2 / argon mixture and makes it difficult to manipulate the specimen especially when soldered with a thin sheet. Use other gases. Appearance of glue

How different MIG and MAG welding machines?

The Mig and Mag welding machine is actually a machine. But when used on the job is different. With welding Mig, people use welded wire without core in it should use 100% pure inert gas such as argon or helium. Thus the weld is not porous and the weld will be very glossy. After welding there is no slag
And when we see that they are welding machines that use wires with cores in the core and CO2, Ar + CO2. It is welding Mag, whether it is coated inside, but CO2 or Ar + CO2 to push the air out of the weld so that the new weld does not leak.
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