Mig welding machine

Structure of semiautomatic MIG/MAG welding

For semiautomatic MIG welding, the grate has the same shape of a pistol with a curved neck or straight neck. The MIG welding gun has a basic structure consisting of a contact tube that converts the welding current to the electrodes, air ducts and ducts to guide the airflow around the arc and the welding pool, the gas or water cooling unit Complete, close and disconnect weld, wire feed and airflow protection.



1. Nozzle: Gas capture helps direct the airflow around the arc and the welding pool.

2. Contact tip: The part used to fix, hold, and align welded wire.

3. Insulated neck: The curved neck allows the welding gun to easily reach the welding position.

4. Trigger: The switch enables the welding current to be cut off, the wire loaded, the protective gas flow.

5. Tourch body: The gun body is covered by an insulating layer.

6. Gas supply tube: Gas supply tube.

7. Torch liner guiding filler wire: Welding wire.

8. Armored tourch cable: A protective conductor for welded wire, gas supply, or cooling water.

In some designs, a wire feed mechanism can be installed into the welded torch through a flexible tube from a distal coil or combined with a normal wire feeder to form a pull-wire feed system. This welding gun can work with steel or aluminum wires of small diameter (0.8-1.6mm)